Vehicle Transportation

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Vehicle Transportation

Happy Packers are one of the most reliable service providers when it comes to Vehicle Relocation. We consider it as our duty to remove the burden from your regarding the safety and security of your vehicle while relocating it from one place to another.

We believe in ensuring that the faith of customers in our service and facilities will be worth it. They will never come across any disappointments from our side. We aim to elevate the standards of comfort and reliability in this business and redefine the system of Vehicle Transportation.

We understand that your vehicle is not just means of transport for you. But, you also have a number of memories attached with your vehicle and we respect it at any cost.

Our Priorities and Services

We are always available to shift your two wheelers or four wheelers to any desired location across the city of Pune, without you taking any strict efforts or burdens. We believe in accomplishing your work in a smooth and safe manner.

Our first priority is to deliver your vehicle to its destination in a perfect condition irrespective of all the difficulties that may come during the process of vehicle transportation.

  • In order to ensure the safety of your vehicles, we have designed our vehicle carriers in an effective manner. And, it is produced as a result of various efforts taken by highly qualified and experienced technicians and designers.
  • These vehicle carriers are incorporated with the best forms of safety chains, locks, safety belts, and wheel stoppers.
  • Your vehicle is carefully placed into the carrier which is very well equipped with all the necessary safety features.
  • All these features are completely tested by the quality control officers. And, it is proven to be better as compared to other service providers in the city.
  • In addition to these features, the carriers are embedded with movable hydraulic ramp. This ensures that your vehicle does not get any kind of dents in it.
  • As far as the seats of your vehicle are concerned, we make special arrangements to cover it with thick and reliable covers. This is to ensure that it is not spoiled in the process of vehicle transportation by us.

Add-ons in Our Service

We are one of the reputed organizations in this field. Our vehicle carriers are compatible enough to accommodate the vehicles of any brand and any size. We make sure that you never get a chance to compromise with the quality for the transportation of your vehicle.

  • We have experience of serving a large number of clients. We are proud to say that all the customers have returned with a smile of satisfaction from our doorstep.
  • We take utmost care in order to safeguard the keys of your vehicle in a sealed pack. And, this proves about our loyalty towards our customers.
  • We aim to fulfill the needs in the field of vehicle transportation across the country in the upcoming years. Our goal is to win the hearts of all the investors in this domain.

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