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Warehousing And Insurance

Happy Packers are one of the most trusted and reputed organizations in the city of Pune. We provide warehousing and insurance facilities in the high profile corporate sectors. These services comprise of multiple story loading docks, along with a large space for arranging all the materials at the time of shipping and receiving.

  • We understand the safety measures that we must take care of while transporting the heavy duty industrial types of equipment to a different location.
  • We are aware of the loss that may occur if anything goes wrong from our side. And, we are always ready to provide a fair compensation to our clients.
  • The customers have the right to visit us for checking the kind of service that we provide. This is to ensure that they can be assured about their industrial goods.
  • We take extra precautions while providing warehousing services to our customers. We provide insurance for all the equipment so that all the loss can be incurred in case there is any accidental damage.

Our Team and Services

We have a well-qualified and well-experienced team of professionals who are expert in handling and taking care of these special materials.

  • We keep a full control over the activities taking place at the time the materials reach at our loading docks till the time it is transferred to the storage location.
  • Our warehouses are well equipped and well furnished to accommodate conveniently the bulk materials such as electronic appliances, musical instruments, linen, mattresses, electronic appliances, computers, home appliances, documents, antiques, home furnishings, etc. It can also store a large number of other important stuff that is imported and exported between two locations.
  • We provide certified insurance for the safety of all these materials so that any loss can finance without any hectic procedure. We provide excellent warehouse and storage services to our clients who are willing to seek our services.
  • We provide proper safety and security to each and every material which is present in our godown. And, we offer our services at reasonable rates to our clients.
  • If any client is too particular about their materials which are stored in our godown, we give guarantee and warranty cards along with insurance of the item. And, we also provide round the clock service for the safeguard of the same if needed.

Our Extra Care for Customers

  • We are very particular in ensuring the cleanliness, and temperature control of our storage godowns.
  • Our services are availed by various corporate and commercial clients in and around the city of Pune. We keep their bulk amounts of goods in our storage house at their own risk, for a limited period of time.
  • We have large capacity for storing the bulk materials of our clients, and we leave no stone unturned to take care of the same.
  • We consider ourselves as the stakeholder for the dispatch and transport of the goods from our storage to another desired location.
  • We provide well equipped carrier which are embedded with advanced features and techniques. These features will minimize the breakage due to shocks and jerks.

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