We excel in providing services related to packing of your household goods. We have some of the best talents and trained professionals in our folds for the task of parking and moving. Left to untrained and unprofessional, your goods are likely to be damaged while in transit or they may not even reach the destination.

For the purpose of packing of your goods, we take care to bring with us all kinds of cartons and boxes of all different shapes and sizes. This way, we make sure all your goods and utility items find themselves in them without much ado.

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We also bring with ourselves all kinds of tapes and adhesives required to paste the end of the cartons once packed. We also have specialized equipment for the purpose, you can be sure. all your goods are sure to be in your new house in no time, and they are going to be transported and shifted without being broken in any way, you can be sure.

We have the most spacious trucks for the purpose of shifting of your goods. These vehicles are equipped with well-maintained engines that are not likely to break down on the way. We even use airplanes and ships when large distances are to be covered, and when goods are bulky and large.


Loading of goods on to trucks and Lorries is one of the most important parts of the shifting process. This is also one of the most delicate parts because most of the damage done to goods is done while they are being loaded and unloaded on and off vehicles.

So, this task should be done only by professionals who are trained in the art. We have trained professionals in our folds who know how to handle all your sensitive and fragile items and load them on to lorries and trucks with great care and precision. This way, they make sure no damage is done to your goods, and they reach the other end without being damaged in any manner.

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Our professionals use cranes and dollies to move around heavy equipment and heavy items on to trucks and off them. This way, they make sure they do the task in no time and it is done without their being physically involved in it because it can be quite a daunting task to handle large and bulky items.

Conveyor belts are also used considering the involvement and use of technology in our lives. they have made the task of shifting a lot easier and lighter. This way, man power can be deployed elsewhere where they are more of use.


If you have to shift your house to another locality in the same city or to a different block of the same colony, you are going to need the help of professionals for the best of services. They are the ones who know all the shortest routes available to your destination.

Packing of your goods is to follow a slightly different pattern when they are to be moved on the local level. There is no compromise on the quality of services, you can be sure, but the difference is kept in mind. When moving over long distances, goods are paced well and cosily to make sure they are not damaged while they are moved over trucks over highways.

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Highways may not be used when we shift your goods at the domestic level, so your goods need a different treatment, but the difference doesn’t mean a compromise on the quality. You have come to the right place even if you need to shift your goods at the domestic level.

Drivers driving the trucks and lorries have all the knowledge of the pot-holes and speed-breakers in the road, so you can be sure they are to avoid them. this makes sure your cargo gets across safe and sound.


offices Relocation Magarpatta City, Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Aundh, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Wagholi Pune of is done in a slightly different manner as compared to shifting of houses and homes. Offices usually have a lot of paper and files as compared to that in a domestic situation. there is a lot of information and data preserved in computer systems too that need to be moved along with offices.

All the information and data needs to be moved with great care and accuracy. Papers and files are inflammable and should be handled with the greatest of care to be kept in a cool and dry place. They should not be allowed to come in contact with water and flames of all sorts. Our staff knows all intricacies involved in this, you can be sure.

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We have the most skilled and trained personnel for shifting offices, you can be sure. They are equipped with all the packing-material required to pack in all your office furniture and other electronic equipment like air-conditioners, etc. There are bound to be a lot of fire-extinguishers too in an office that require some special treatment while being shifted.

Office relocation services are our specialty because we have moved quite a few offices in the city, and quite a few to other cities too. You are most welcome to contact our earlier clients. You can get their contact details from our database.


Your vehicle moves with you when you move household goods and other things you have in your house. You are going to need your vehicle as soon as you begin your new life in your new house. You are going to have to use it to fetch veggies from the market, and you are going to need it to go to your office right from the next day. it has to be at the new location before you.

Our services take care to deliver your automobile even before you land in your new house. We have the most exquisite facilities for transporting and moving around vehicles. They are moved around in special transport carriers which have ample space for cars and other automobiles.

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Vehicles specially designed to carry cars are used to move your car from one place to another. It is most important to ensure they get to the new house without a dent or a scratch, and our staff takes all pains to ensure this.

A skilled mechanic is also on the rolls, so you can be sure if the vehicle develops a technical snag while being moved around, it will be dealt with immediately by an expert.


Moving goods and particularly household items across borders at the international level is going to involve some special intricacies which are to be a lot different from the ones involved in national or domestic shifting of goods.

Goods and household items are going to be packed really well if they are to be moved across borders, but the packing is always done bearing in mind they are to be opened up once or twice for inspection by customs officials. You should make sure not to give any contraband item for shifting. Your cargo should not contain any illicit drugs too.

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Shifting of goods at the international level is done using air craft’s, which prove to be very fast and quick. The weight of each item to be shifted is kept in mind. A heavy cargo is going to invite a heavy fee and heavy charges for being shifted. You should beat this in mind and provide with household items that you are going to require the most.

If shifting of goods across borders is done by ship or over the sea, the important question is of dimension of the cargo. Our staff takes care to accommodate all your goods in the least amount of space, and your goods get across at a minimal of cost.


When it comes to moving heavy machinery, you are going to need some special men and special equipments. These machineries are used in industrial processing and you need to shift them when you need to shift industries or factories.

The company has all the personnel and equipment required for the purpose, you can be sure. you are sure the staff is well equipped with cranes and dollies of all sorts that are going to be required for shifting heavy machinery. This includes some mechanics and engineers who area adept in dismantling and reinstalling heavy machinery.

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Quite often, these machineries cannot be shifted as such in the shape they are, so they are dismantled at the original site and reinstalled at their destination for the purpose of moving them. we take all care of your machinery so you can be sure everything gets to the other end in fine order and in no time.

We have special trucks and Lorries for ferrying them across cities and over highways. They are equipped with flat wide tyres specially designed to carry heavy loads for long distances. The drivers and staff who operate these trucks are also specially trained to deliver all your goods and belongings in perfect shape and condition.


We take all possible care to deliver all your goods in perfect shape to your destination, but accidents can always happen. They may prove detrimental to your cargo, and the cargo may find itself at the bottom of a ravine or a deep pit while it is on its way to the destination. the truck may turn turtle, and all your cargo may be looted by roadside robbers or even curious villagers might plunder your goods.

In all cases, anything can happen. Although we take all care, and do our very best to avoid any such mishap, anything can go wrong. This is when you need some insurance foqr your goods. There are quite a lot of transport insurance services active and selling insurance over internet. To avail their services, you only need to make a few taps on the keyboard and you will have all the information.

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With the digital wave catching up in India, all monetary transactions can be conducted in the online world, and you won’t have to move from the comforts of your home or your office. All information and transactions can be performed from your chair and desk. Be sure to check out all about the companies that offer online insurance, particularly transport insurance.


Your goods need to be stored in a safe and sound place while they are in transit. The period of transit can extend to some weeks and even some months, one can never be sure. the place of storage should be near the docks or the airport so they can easily be accessed.

We have the best of storage services in the city and even the best in the world. the places we have for storage are quite dry and cool. Their temperature is maintained at an optimum level using thermometers and coolers. When you have a cargo of edible items like burgers or pizzas, you can be sure there is facility for storing them in a cool place maintained by special refrigerators, you can be sure.

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Household goods should be kept in a place that is away from humidity and moisture of all kinds. The latter can destroy your cargo if it is let to remain in a humid and wet place for a long time. the warehouses maintained by us are all cool and dry. They are regularly checked for the presence of rodents and vermin that can damage your cargo.

Your cargo is also kept in a place that is away from any form of riots or uprising that may come up in the city. There are often flames and can damage your cargo. Tankers containing combustible materials like petrol and diesel are also kept at bay.