10 Moving Tips Need to be Followed During The Outbreak of Covid-19

10 Moving tips need to be followed during the Outbreak of Covid-19

The outbreak of the corona virus can be seen everywhere, people are getting infected because of not following safety procedure. Making social distancing is important in this hard time, even if you are planning to move in to your new house. For a move, you should hire professional movers who can sort out things for you. If you don't want to afford a professional moving planner, roll up your sleeves and organize everything yourself but it is always suggested to hire professional movers such as happypackers.in. This is possible, but needs to be well thought out so that you don't forget anything in the end. There are a lot of tips here so that the change to the new home goes smoothly in this pandemic of coronavirus.

• First of all, you do not need to physically visit the movers and packers by your own. You should search on Google and find the best Movers and Packers Mumbai and then call them directly.

• Of course, good moving planning also applies to packing. It's not just about how you can best store things in the boxes, you must be careful during touching any item during packing them in the boxes.

• If you plan your move yourself, friends and family are your first choice. If they are not enough on their own, you can book moving helpers by the hour - either through a moving company. Social distancing should minimize the risk of infection. This is important for every person so that they can continue to move.

• Face masks are important to wear because they primarily protect the wearer's surroundings. Face masks can also give a false sense of security, which can lead to neglecting hand hygiene or keeping a distance.

• For the move, always make sure that you and the movers wear the gloves for optimum safety over the spread of corona virus. Masks and gloves are necessary during any physical activity and moving your furniture to a new house is one of them.

• Thorough washing with soap or washing lotion reliably kills corona viruses. In order to protect the skin, you and the movers you hired must use hand disinfectants instead. When used properly, the effect is comparable.

• Viruses can stick to surfaces that are touched by many people. For safety, elevator buttons can be pressed with a pen or door handles can be operated with the elbow.

• When moving to a new house, sometimes the dust can cause you coughing and sneezing. The corona virus is transmitted primarily by droplets (directly or through the hands). To protect others: keep your distance when coughing or sneezing, turn away and sneeze into the elbow (not your hands).

• Even infected people who still feel healthy can be contagious. That is why it says: keep your distance, at least 1.5 meters during moving furniture or other stuff to your new house. Avoid shaking hands with the movers after the move, just say thanks for the move.

• After the move, the first thing is to take a deep breath and be happy that you have arrived. But just after that, you should disinfected all the items with sanitizer or disinfectant during unpack the items.

So, these are the safety procedures you need to follow during moving to a new house. As this pandemic is getting outraged day by day, the danger is also increasing. Thus, it is better to follow the tips for absolute safety.