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HappyTM Packers and Movers in Pune

Are you looking for the best packers and movers in Pune? If yes then hire us to accomplish your relocation needs. Happy Packers and movers are one of the reputed companies in Pune established in 2000 and recognized by peoples for providing the best service
Our employees are professionally trained to handle all the moving tasks. The main quality of our workers is that they behave proactively and made friendly interaction with clients, as best movers and packers in Pune our employees move your goods without any damage.
We work strategically and professionally with our customers to fulfill their moving needs efficiently. We provide doorstep services in a very affordable price range. And these services are as follows:
  • Office relocation
  • Local shifting services
  • International moving
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Industrial shifting
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Home shifting services

Why we are Best Packers and Movers Pune?

Reliable services in reasonable price :
We can provide reliable relocation services at reasonable prices because we have the latest technologies to accomplice the process of packing and moving. We are different from other packers and movers in Pune because of our reliable services which fit the budget of middle-class people.

Quality packing to your valuable Goods and Essentials:
As we know fragile items like glasses, plates, and mirrors are easy to damage during the moving process therefore we use the best quality material available to pack your fragile items. We trained our team of packers for offering the best packing experience to our clients.

Authorized and licensed company:
There are lots of fake movers and packers in Pune who are not registered and licensed but steel doing business by running ads on Google and improving search ranking. But we are a registered moving company and we show our documents of registrations if customers ask us to show the documents.

Customer friendly behavior during the moving process:
Not only our support but also our moving team has a genuine customer-friendly attitude. We know that customers are a very important part of our business. Because of our customer-friendly behavior, we are successful in shifting the industry from the last 20+ years. Our team communicates and establishes a friendly relationship with our customers hence we are growing as trusted packers and movers in Pune and nearby areas of Pune city.

On time delivery:
On-time delivery is a sign of professionalism because professional companies always work on deadlines. We never make upset our clients by delivering their goods late than the deadline. We deliver goods on time which makes us the most trusted, reliable and professional relocation company in Pune.

Get in touch with us:

We welcome everyone at happy packers and movers Pune.
You can contact us using the following mediums.
1. Phone Call
2. Email
3. Social Media Channels
4. You can also get in touch with us by visiting our physical location.
We provide answers to your queries on the above mention mediums. Our customer care executive is always available to give answers to your queries hence always feel free to ask questions and queries related to packing and moving.
We know customers are a very critical and important part to grow any business hence we provide the best support and try to fulfill all the needs of our customers. So, contact us to make your relocation hassle-free with Pune's most trusted and reputed Relocation Company. As a professional relocation company in Pune, we always try to give the best moving experience to our clients.

Local Shifting Charges of Happy Packers and Movers Pune:

Flat size Cost (approx) services
1 BHK Rs. 8,100 (approx) Packing in cargo sheets or foam, high quality cartoon boxes, Bubble wrap
2 BHK Rs. 10,000 (approx) Packing in cargo sheets or foam, high quality cartoon boxes, Bubble wrap
3 BHK Rs. 12,100 (approx) Packing in cargo sheets or foam, high quality cartoon boxes, Bubble wrap
4 BHK Rs. 14,600 (approx) Packing in cargo sheets or foam, high quality cartoon boxes, Bubble wrap
For some belongings or 1 Rk Rs. 6,100 (approx) Packing in cargo sheets or foam, high quality cartoon boxes, Bubble wrap

Why Choose us:

The following list will give you some reasons to choose Happy packers and movers Pune to move your house or corporate office.

Damage-free and safe handling of goods:
Our expert team will handle your valuable essentials and electronic devices very carefully, which will prevent them from damage. Providing high-quality delivery without any damage is our main goal and this is also the main reason for our success. We provide special training programs to our team to handle the situation of packing. Hence we are able to provide you great relocation experience without any damage of goods.

Customer care services:
We have a dedicated team to consult our clients during the moving and packing process. As top packers and movers Pune we offer 24*7 customer support. Our team understands the issues of clients and replies to them so.
Following types of supports, we offer to our clients:
I. Phone support
II. Mail Support
III. Chat support
If you want to hire packers and movers pune then you can contact us.

Best Quality packing material:
We proudly say that we are the best movers and packers from Pune because we use the best quality packing materials to pack valuable items. We use branded Roll sheets, a Bubble role, Wrapping papers, and high-quality boxes. We use high-quality packing foam to protect breakable items during relocation.

Less transportation time:
Our experienced team covers the entire task as soon as possible which reduces the transit time. We also have a great transportation network and vehicles as per the need of the customers to give on-time delivery.

Both local and international moving services:
We are not only providing local or domestic’s removal services but also give international removal services too. The safety of your goods during international removal is the priority for our company. We carry out the whole process of international move with perfection and make it enjoyable and smooth.

No Extra Hidden charges:
As Trusted Movers and Packers in pune we give the proper quotation to clients as per their needs we do not include any hidden charges in the bill after transportation. We offer a detailed quotation to the party which includes all the activities like packing, loading, unloading, and transportation. We do not include any hidden charges after completion of the moving process.

Proper planning:
As we all know proper planning is very important to meet the desired goal. Planning is the first step in the success of any work. Our team leaders properly plan and manage all the tasks to move smoothly.

Legal Documentation:
As best movers and packers in Pune, our representative provides you proper quotation and documentation on your requirements and we never charge any extra money on your move. We give all bills in written formats including goods and service tax so you do not have to worry about any fraud.

Our Working Process:

The process of the transit is complex and a big headache for the normal Peoples, but our professionally trained workers make it easy by using systematic techniques.

Following points covers how we offer the best services to our clients

Survey of client’s house:
Our team member visits your house to make a list of the goods and electronics items to plan the transportation process. The survey is important to give a proper quotation to the customer. The survey gives us a better understanding of the essentials in a client's house. After the survey, we define the strategy for the move and assign the proper vehicle for the move as per the customer’s property and goods.

Proper Estimate to the client:
After Survey our representative provides you a proper estimate based on the size of your house and the number of goods in your house. An estimate includes the last price of packing and moving service. In the estimate, we give a list of requested transportation services and the price list with all the details.

Packing process:
We pack your household items in good quality boxes. Our team follows all the rules of good packing to offer you the best services. The packing process includes the wrapping of your valuable items in the good quality wrapper and placing them carefully in packing boxes. Our professionals avoid mixing your household items in the same box; they place the team properly in the separate box then pack the boxes with high-quality tape. As best packers and movers in Pune, we always follow the proper packing process to make our clients happy.

Loading process:
We follow the best practices to load your belongings into the trucks. First of all, we load the heaviest furniture first. Then we arrange delicate goods so. We cover all your items with protective material during the loading process to protect them from scratches. Because of professional loading of goods we are one of the best packers movers in pune

Storage (If needed):
We serve storage services to the peoples who are waiting for the keys of therein new home. Our warehouses are highly secure and pest free so you peoples can store their goods in our warehouses if they need. We provide the best warehouse and storage services in Pune in reasonable pricing.

We provide on-time delivery of your belongings and place them properly in your new house or at the office under your direction. Our workers properly reassemble all the things at your new place.

Unpacking process:
As best packers and movers in Pune, We give unpacking services to the people as well. We unpack your boxes but we won’t know where to put your goods in your new house. We remove boxes and packing paper from your household essentials so you can easily arrange them at your new house.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which are the best moving and packing company in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad?
There are several packers and movers in Pune but all companies are not genuine. Some companies use search engine optimization techniques and upload fake reviews on their site but we are genuine and most trusted movers and packers in Pune.

Who are the most economical packing and moving services providers in Pune?
There are numerous moving services in Pune. To find economical packing and moving services you have to take a quotation from multiple moving companies and have to compare their cost. We provide the best service to our clients in a very economical way. So if you are looking for an economical packing and moving company you can contact us.

What are the charges?
Packing and moving charges depend on the size and number of goods that you want to move from one place to another. Approximate charges for local shifting of 1 BHK flat is RS 6,999 approximated charges for local shifting of 2 BHK flat is RS 8,999 and approximately prices for 3 BHK is RS 10,000. Prices are different as per the number of goods in the house and distance between the two places.

What are the benefits of hiring professional packers and movers in pune? The professional moving company has well-trained staff for to accomplishment of all the moving tasks. Professional packers and movers in Pune like Happy can make your moving tension free and hassle-free as well. The main benefit of a professional moving company is that they move your house properly and without any damage.

How to find the best company for household shifting?
You can take reference from family, friends or neighbors or you can find companies on Google. After selecting the company you should have to check their feedbacks and customer testimonials related to their service. Always check whether the company is government approved or not.

What is IBA approved moving companies?
First of all, we would like to tell you the full form of IBA, IBA stands for Indian Bank Association and the companies which are listed in the Indian bank association are called IBA approved packing and moving companies.
The companies who are listed in IBA are most trusted and reliable because they are certified. As we all know there are lots of fake moving companies in the market and duplicity is became a major problem in the packing and moving industry. As trusted and registered packers and movers in Pune we suggest you hire registered moving companies like us if you want to relocate your goods safely.
Hire us for professional fully personalized moving services with additional benefits as compared to other services providers.

How do I find a professional shifting company?
Finding a professional shifting company in Pune is not an easy task, as best movers and packers in Pune we are going to share some points which will help you to find a professional shifting company.
Step 1: search for a relocation company and check the reviews and ratings of the company.
Step 2: Shortlist the genuine packers and movers from the internet.
Step 3: Check the license and credibility of the relocation companies you shortlisted.
Step 4: Choose the top 3 companies from your list and call them at your home for a pre-move survey.
Step 5: Ask for a quotation
Step 6: Choose the moving company which suits your budget according to the quotation provided by the top three companies.

How Can I Detect Fraud relocation company?
As we discussed earlier there are hundreds of fake shifting companies in overall India and they use different types of tactics to pull the money from the client’s pocket. The following tips will help you to detect fraud relocation companies. There are lots of online sites who give detailed information about the client’s interaction and reviews of customers for a particular business.
• Check the reviews and ratings:
Check the reviews and ratings on Google my business listing of a particular business. Also, check the reviews on other third-party listing sites. Checking reviews and testimonials are the best way to identify the company is genuine or not.
• Physical address:
We would suggest you check the address of the business on listing and website as well there are several packers and movers in Pune who are doing business without any physical location. They are just running their business through the website. Hence hire a moving company that has a physical office at the address thy mention on the website.
• Casual telephonic conversion:
Professional companies start their conversation with the company name. If you call our executive we will start our conversation with hallo we are speaking from happy packers and movers Pune but fraud companies never use the name of their company in a telephonic conversation. Fraud companies most of the time use unprofessional language to speak with customers.
• Ask for the cash before the move:
If the moving company asks for money before move then never give a large amount of money to any shifting company. If you give a large amount of money to the company then the company might be run away with your money.
• Low Budget Quotations:
Fake companies give you a very low budget quotation for your relocation need. And they increase the cost of moving after the completion of the moving hence we suggest you take a quotation from different 3 or 4 companies and choose the best one from them.
• Check the Business Website:
We suggest you check the business website of shifting service provider. Read the information about the company if you don’t find detailed information on the website then check another moving company’s website.
If you want to hire the best relocation service provider in Pune city then contact us our executive will assist you and we provide you professional moving and packing services which makes you stress-free.

How Happy Packers handle International Relocation?
Happy packers and movers have a dedicated team to handle the task of international relocation. We have our associates and partner companies in foreign countries to handle the goods moved from India to another country.

How relocation companies calculate the cost of moving?
As professional movers and packers in Pune, we use the following method to calculate the cost of moving. We calculate the cost based on the services we include in the quotation.
• Packing:
Packing charges are multiplied by 2000 to 3000 approximately per BHK. If you are moving 4 BHK House then the cost of packing is 8000 to 11000 approximately. The cost can be varied as per the quantity of the goods in the house.
• Transportation Charges:
Transportation charges are applied based on distance between two locations but, if you are relocating within the same city then distance does not affect the quotation. If you are moving to another city then charges are 40 to 50 rupees per kilometer charges may be less or high as per the type of vehicle used to the relocation.
• Manpower:
The cost of manpower is calculated from 500 to 900 per person. Manpower required to relocation is as follows
• 1 BHK – 2 to 3 peoples
• 2 BHK – 4 to 5 peoples
• 3 BHK – 6 peoples
• Bungalow or 4 BHK – 6 Peoples
• Taxes and insurance:
Insurance and taxes can be added up to 10% in your quotation. Prices of insurance can be different as per the policy of insurance companies. We suggest you to always take moving insurance for safe packing.
• Unpacking:
Generally moving companies do not charge extra money for unpacking process.

What is a Pre-Moving Survey? Why it is important?
A pre-move survey is conducted by the packers and movers companies where they understand the requirements also look through all the belonging in your house and they provide you cost of moving according to the size and number of goods in the house.
Some companies’ conduct survey through phone call and some companies send their employees at home to conduct a pre-move survey. AS best packers and movers in Pune we conduct a detailed survey of your home and give you proper quotation as per the quantity of the goods and distance of the transportation from your home.

Our Services:

Domestic Relocation:
Happy packers and movers offer you domestic relocation at affordable prices which suits your budget. With our professional domestic relocation process, we make your shifting hassle-free because our team is well equipped and always ready to handle relocation challenges. We take care of everything from packing, loading to transportation and unpacking of items at your new location. We provide you best quality vehicles, packing material and well-trained staff for your domestic relocation needs.

Office Shifting:
We help office owners to shift their office locally as well as internationally. We are reputed corporate shifter from Pimpri Chinchwad. We have successfully shifted many offices internationally as well as domestically. Office shifting is a challenging take because it includes loading of high-tech electronic machinery, computers, important documents and files, Desk, tables, etc.
Office shifting is a difficult task but we make it easy for you because we have years of experience and trained workers. We maintain the highest standard while loading, transporting and unloading of our client’s important office items and confidential files. The main motto of our business is to move your equipment fast and safely.

Heavy machinery shifting:
We are one of the reputed names in the machine shifting industry. We are appreciated as the best heavy machinery shifting company by our clients. It’s a big headache and a highly stressful task. No one can do it smoothly without the help of professionals. We provide maximum return on investment to our clients by doing our best in every move.
Industrial machinery is very heavy and they need special care when loading and unloading, but we have special vehicles and professionally trained industrial machinery shifting staff to the accomplishment of this kind of task. The drivers of these vehicles are also specially trained to drive heavy vehicles.

International Moving:
International relocation is the most difficult task as compared to other transportation tasks. Because we do not move our belongings within the country or city but we have to move them across the borders hence, this process is very stress full. There are lots of companies in the country who are only provide moving services domestically but when you required international relocation service then we are the best overseas relocation service provider in Pune. If you want to relocate your belongings internationally then simply contact us we will help you and offer you top-class services to moving your goods in foreign countries.

Car and bike transportation:
We are Pune's one of the most trusted and reliable car transportation companies. We always deliver your vehicle on time and without any damage, because a car is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. We HPM Pvt. Ltd. Takes special care of your car and transport it with extra security. We have high-end trucks that are specially designed to move cars from one place to another. We halt our journey every one or two hours to make sure everyone is going properly or not. We provide doorstep services and you don’t have to drive your car until it is delivered to your desired place.
We know the value of the bike for bike lovers hence we have a specialized vehicle packing team to carry out bike transportation tasks. With more than 15 years of experience, we delivered hundreds of bikes safely. We know than modern bikes are made with fiber hence we offer three layers of packing on the bike and we also give four layers but this layer is provided on clients' demand and it requires extra charges. The three layers of packing include the first layer of the bubble sheet, the second layer of the cargo sheet and the third layer is a stage film.

Warehousing and storage:
Your good need to store at a safe place during the transportation process. In the warehouse, we store our customer’s goods in a very systematic way. We have designed our warehouses in a specific way to keep up security and store goods with more security. We have built our warehouses very strategically which keep your goods safe in any weather condition. We build our storage room as per the industrial standards. We have a team that is an expert in this domain. You can call us to ask our services because happy packers and movers give the best warehousing and storage services in Pune and all over India as well. As best packers and movers in Pune, we always try to give the best storage services to our clients.

Loading and unloading:
We know that loading and unloading is a very stressful task but we provide you professional loading and unloading service to make you stress-free. Our expert team is properly trained to handle the task of loading and unloading. And they know all the tactics to load and unload the items in the trucks. As reputed movers and packers in Pune, we try to give you our hundred percent. The main reason to hire us is we provide you a high-quality loading and unloading services.

Transport insurance services:
We try to deliver your essentials in perfect shape. But we cannot predict accidents hence, transit insurance is very important to keep your goods secure. Our assistant helps you to buy transit insurance online. Buying transit insurance is very easy to step you can buy transit insurance easily by searching insurance companies on the internet. As reputed movers and packers in Pune, we always provide you full help to buy transport insurance services.

Important tips to remainder before House Shifting:

These tips will help you if you are planning to shift your house within the city or outside the city. We have more than twenty years of experience as movers and packers in Pune. We share our experience in this section to lower down your stress of shifting.

Sell unused items before shifting:
Sell old unused furniture; remove broken items from your house don’t carry unused goods in your new house. Don’t move your goods with you which you are not using sell these goods online. You can sell your unused goods online.

Choose reliable packers and movers in Pune city:
Once you make the list of your items which you want to move from one city to another then it’s time to choose reliable movers and packers in Pune. If you are looking for reliable packers and movers in Pune then we are the best option for you because we give you all kinds of relocation services in the very affordable price range.

Pack important things by yourself:
We suggest you pack important documents, makeup and other this personally to avoid mix-up and mishandling. And we also suggest you pack your items like perfume, jewelry, toiletries, and accessories on your own.

Carry your expensive items in a separate bag:
Carry things like a jeweler, laptop important files and documents, certificates in a separate bag that have the risk of getting lost during the move.

Return things which do not belong to you:
We suggest you return all the things before you leave your old house. Anything which is taken from friends and neighbors should be returned to them before you start packing or you can keep them separately where it does not get mixed up with your household goods.

Notify the parties:
Notify the important parties like bank, old house owner, credit card Company, newspaper supplier that you are moving to a new place.

Share your new address with religious and friends:
Before you leave your old house as the best movers and packers Pune we suggest you share your new address with your colleagues and friends so they can easily reach your new home if they want to meet you.

Cancel your memberships:
We suggest you cancel your membership from the social group, gym, dance classes, etc. or you can transfer your membership to your new address.

Apply for change address on important documents:
You can apply for change the address on important documents like driving license or voting card which will cut your future workload and keeps your documents updated with the new address.

Clean your current House:
Always clean your current house for the next one who is going to become a resident in your house.

Take essentials with you:
Take essential things with you which you required during the move. Carry things like Tiffin, water bottle, first aid kit which required in an emergency and also carries things like a phone charger, power bank.

Wake up early on the day of moving:
Weak up early on moving day and properly plan for the process.

Why we are Popular Packers and Movers in Pune?

A dedicated team of workers
We have a dedicated team of workers to handle the entire task. We serve proper training to our team to keep them updated with the latest trends in the market. We train workers to optimize the productivity of our employees so they can provide quality works to the clients. Our team is not only trained but they are also soft-spoken and customer friendly their interaction with clients is always friendly and proactive.

Customer-first approach:
As we all know customer is very important in every business and in india we treat them as king. We always give importance to our customers and work according to the customer's needs. Our main mission is providing the best quality service to our clients. We always keep the requirements of the clients ahead and try to fulfill their needs as earlier as possible. We are always working on a customer-centric business model and try to deliver our best and we always try to find the client's needs so we can meet the requirements of the clients. We are always there to give services related to movers and packers in Pune.

Happy packers and movers Pune is a consistent brand because we are providing quality services to the people in Pune to make them happy. We are consistently providing a great experience to the people and people's in Pune recommending us as a trusted brand in packers and movers industry.

Adapting change
We are always ready for changing technologies and trends. As we all know change is the only constant in life hence we change our working process and methods as per the changes in the industry. We train our team as per the new trends in the industry so they can give the best services to our clients with the latest trends.

Transparent working process:
Happy movers and packers Pune is the most loved relocation brand because of its working process. Our working process is very transparent and we pack all the items in front of them. We never include any hidden charges in our bill. We provide a proper quotation to the clients with including Goods and service tax. We never charge any hidden charge after the completion of the moving process.

Great services at a reasonable price:
As we discussed earlier we don’t charge extra money to the people hence we can offer the best service in reasonable pricing. Peoples in India are always trying to find the company who is doing work in reasonable pricing and we fulfill this need of the people hence people always recommend us to their friends or colleagues.

Benefits of hiring professional packing and moving services:

Hiring a professional firm to relocate your house from one location to another is always a stressful and hectic task. If you want to shift yourself from one home to another then you face so much of hassle and workload. It’s always a better option to hire a team of trained Peoples to relocate your house from one place to another.

Because they know Right methods of relocation:
Professional companies use the right methods for packaging, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking of the goods. Normal people don’t know the right method because they don’t have experience with the proper packaging of the goods. Professional companies not only use the right methods but also use the proper material for the packaging of the goods. If you want to do this by yourself, you are not able to do this with the same perfection. The material used by good companies is always preventing your belonging from the damage.

Less workload for you:
When you hire a packers and movers company you don’t have to pack and move you’re good. They take care of your goods and pack and movers them on your desired place with perfection. You don’t have to work when you hire a professional company you just have to keep watch on your belongings and team of the company. They not only save your time but also cut your workload.

Doorstep service:
When you hire trusted and professional companies like happy packers and movers Pune then we provide you doorstep services. Door step services are one of the most important factors in long route shifting. We pick your goods and essentials from your old house and shift them to your new house without any hassle.

Provide insurance:
Not all but some company provides transit insurance which provides the cover to your essentials if they are getting damaged. Insurance is important because you all know we cannot predict any accident so insurance protects you from any kind of mishap. We also aid our clients to buy transit insurance.

Speed up the process of transportation:
They speed up the process of packing and moving because they know all the tactics and tricks related to the transpiration of goods and essentials. Professional people have proper training and years of experience hence they can speed up the process of packing and moving.

Our Services

What We Provide

Total Reviews & Rating


Mr. Rajiv mehata

I am Rajiv and working as a bank officer in Koregaon Park Pune recently I shifted my goods locally from Koregaon Park to Mundhwa with the help of happy packers. I had 4 Bedroom flat for shifting. I was looking for the best domestic shifting company and I found happy packers and movers Pune on the internet. Then I call the multiple companies to compare the prices and I found that the prices of other companies are comparatively very high. Finally, I hire happy packers to relocate my house and they complete my relocation without any damage.
As per my experience, there are lots of fake relocation companies in the city. Some of them even do not have a proper physical office. But this company has a well-established office in Pune city and they are servicing the people in Pune from the last twenty years.
The approach of the team is professional and they have very detailed and deep knowledge about the shifting process. I would like to tell you that I do not feel any headache during the relocation process which generally people feel during the move. Their approach is superb during the overall moving process and services are high quality. I would also like to tell you I just get greater services which are value for money because the team of this company handles my goods very professionally and relocate to my new location without any scratch on them. I am thankful to Mister Ranmnivas Singh for providing me such great relocation services I am feeling very comfortable at my new location just because of HPM. I suggest them to everyone in my circle and I will always use their services when required.

Mr. Vinod Khandwal

We are in the wooden box manufacturing business. And we supply wooden boxes to multiple companies in Pune. Our association with happy packers and movers is based on the quality of the services they provide to us. We are working with happy packers and mover’s since 2010 they are professionals in their field. Our business required lots of wooden blocks to manufacture boxes and we distribute these boxes in several companies all over Maharashtra. And we always required a moving company for transportation.
Our first preference is always to happy packers because they are trusted movers in the city and I am using their services from the last 10 years. I would like to suggest this moving company for your industrial moving and office moving also they never compromise with the quality. As a business person, I always suggest happy packers and movers to my friends and family. So if anyone is looking for the packers and movers in Pune then hire HPM to relocate your house or office. Hire Happy packers because their team has great coordination and great working knowledge in shifting industry.

Mrs. Monika Shinde

I was really worried about my goods when I got a transfer letter from my company because I have a very bad experience with existing moving companies. I took suggestions from my collogues and they suggest Happy Packers. I hire them for my complete household relocation. They have done everything with perfection they disassemble my furniture properly and relocate without any damage. The prices of happy packers are comparatively low. I recommend this relocation company to everyone for home shifting.

Ms. Soniya Randiwe

We are looking for a professional moving company to relocate our house from Pune to Mumbai and one of our friends suggests us happy packers and movers for moving. Our personal experience is very good with happy packers and movers. Their team members are professional and they have great knowledge about moving. If anyone looking for a trusted company for relocation then happy packers are the best option for you.

Mrs. Traushanti Labade

Great packing and moving services at a reasonable price. They are the best shifting company in Pune city. They have a professional team who accomplish packing, loading, transportation, and unloading services properly. I relocate my house from Chinchwad to Hinjewadi they give me proper support and proper quotation according to the number of goods at my house.

Ms. Saumya Singh

I am feeling grateful because I hire happy packers and mover’s Pune for house shifting from Pune to Bangalore. I hire them by searching on the internet I like the way of their support during the transportation process. There support team and moving team guide me throughout the moving process.
Big thanks to Mr. Ramnivas Singh for providing me comprehensive relocation services.

Mr. Sharad Kelekar

I am very happy with the services to provide happy packers and movers. Every staff member is cooperative and friendly in behavior. I am also happy with the packing quality they provide, they use quality packing material to pack and move goods. Good packing quality saves my goods from getting damaged. They complete my moving from Pune to Hyderabad in committed time and my material is moved at my location very safely. Thanks to happy movers packers Pune for such a great service.

Mrs. Megha Shahane

The cost of moving is really low as compared to other moving and packing companies in Pune. They offer me the best packing for a car. I used their services for relocating my car from Pune to Kolkata. I am happy with the car carrier services they offer.
Best car carriers and packers movers in Pune!

Mr. Vaibhav Thite

I am the owner of an IT firm located in Chinchwad and I used the happy packers and movers services to relocate my office from Wakad to Chinchwad. They provide me best relocation services at a very affordable price rate. The main reason for suggesting happy packers and movers for relocating the office is they offer you professional services at very affordable pricing. I found happy packers and movers on the internet and I call them for a survey of my office. They give me an appropriate quotation according to the goods and furniture in my office. Team of happy packers and movers is trained and they have deep knowledge in the field of relocation. The main reason for hiring them to shift my office is the customer-friendly nature of Mr. Ramnivs Singh. As the owner of happy packers and movers, he gives priority to clients.
Thanks to Mr. Ramnivas Shing and the team of happy packers and movers Pune for offering me such a memorable relocation experience and also thanks for shifting my valuable item like computers, laptops, files, and furniture without any damage.