About Us

Happy Packers and Movers is a Pune based company which serves the purpose of relocating your goods, furniture, fixtures, vehicle transportation, shifting the office, moving industrial equipment, and warehousing and insurance facility. It was established about two years ago as a small-scale business to serve in around the city of Pune. Now it has evolved to a greater extent and now we have extended our network beyond the city of Pune.

Happy Packers ISO Certification
Happy Packers and Movers Private Limited ISO Certification

The prime motto of our company is to provide comfortable moving and packing facility to people. And, also relieve them from the hectic procedures of shifting houses, offices, industrial equipment, and vehicle. We are the pioneer in the field of packing and moving business in the city of Pune. Our hard work, determination, and dedication towards our customers have made us today an unparalleled service provider in the city of Pune. Because of the quality of service provided by us, we have successfully managed to win the trust and loyalty of a large number of people. And now, we have developed a large network in the city of Pune with the help of our staffs and employees.

Services provided by us

  • We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. They are serving in our company to give their best for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Initially, this start-up business achieved the expertise in the domain of moving and packing the household and office furniture and items. But we have left no stone unturned to expand our business for the comfort of our customers.
  • Now, in such a short span of time, we have excelled in the vehicle transportation, warehousing, providing insurance facility, and movement of industrial equipment also.
  • Apart from providing a high standard service to our customers, we have also tried to maintain the friendly bond with them. And we make sure that they never hesitate to seek our services again.

Achievements and Priorities in Business

We have proved our efficiency by having collaborations with advanced logistics, and road transportation facility for your prized household goods. We have expanded our business in various domains of moving and packing across Pune. And, we have never compromised on the quality and standards of the services we provide to our customers.

  • We have tried our best to upgrade our services with the advancement of technologies with time. And, we have also qualified the tests regulated by quality control department with flying colors.
  • The use of packaging materials is of a high standard, and the best techniques are incorporated in the overall procedure of moving and packing of your valuable goods and fixtures.
  • We have always looked forward to taking criticism from our customers in a positive way. Along with this, we have tried to understand their needs and demands in a proper way.

The ultimate aim of our company is to provide a satisfactory service to all our customers. We have also set a benchmark in the market for the quality of service provided by us. In the upcoming years, we are planning to reach out to the maximum number of people not only in the city of Pune but who are also situated across different parts of the country.